In this section you will find downloads of our publications, report and event materials.


  • Nursing Associate FAQs for Employers.doc

    File name: Nursing-Associate-FAQs-for-Employers.doc
    File size: 121 KB
    Published: 2019-02-22

  • GM Primary Social Voluntary Care.doc

    Further information and how to register

    File name: 190408-GM-Primary-Social-Voluntary-Care.doc
    File size: 101 KB
    Published: 2019-02-22

  • North West ADASS SLI : Review of Regional Risks and Improvement Priorities

    This report is the TEASC Executive Summary which analyses the self-assessments undertaken in 2017/18 by of 22 of the 23 councils in the North West Region of England, using the Local Government Association (LGA) and Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) Risk Assessment Tool.

    File name: Exec-Summary-NW-ADASS-risk-analysis-2017-18-LG-09042018-.pdf
    File size: 146 KB
    Published: 2019-01-25

  • Blackburn with Darwen : Pathway to Placement Project

    Blackburn Council's assessment of the current discharge pathway undertaken by Newton Europe for people entering short term care as a step down from acute care.

    File name: Blackburn-with-Darwen-Pathway-to-Placement-Project.pdf
    File size:
    Published: 2019-01-17

  • North West Market Sustainability and Oversight Review

    Recent publications highlighted that at the national level the sustainability of the ASC market is increasingly at risk. Following on from these recent discussions, the NW ADASS Branch meetings focused on the scale of financial challenge and the level of risk in care markets in the North West.

    File name: Summary-Report-NWADASS-Market-Sustainability-and-Oversight-Review-January-2018.pdf
    File size: 463 KB
    Published: 2018-12-14

  • NW ADASS Mental Health Annual Report

    The NW Mental health ADASS group provides a forum for the sharing of ideas and the development of north-west specific social care policy developments across the region within mental health. Meeting every two months at New Town House, Warrington; the group acts as the sounding board for NW directors of Adult Social Care in mental health policy, practice and law.

    File name: NW-ADASS-Mental-Health-Annual-Report.pdf
    File size: 75 KB
    Published: 2018-12-07

  • NW ADASS Market Sustainability Engagement and Research Findings

    Recent publications have highlighted that at the national level the sustainability of the ASC market is increasingly at risk. Following on from these recent discussions at North-West Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (NW ADASS) Branch meetings focused on the scale of financial challenge and the level of risk in care markets in the North-West.

    File name: FINAL-13518-adass-report-on-engagement-2017.pdf
    File size: 10 MB
    Published: 2018-12-04

  • NW ADASS Achievements 2017/18

    In this document you will find some of the achievements that NW ADASS has done over the last 12 months.

    File name: NW-ADASS-SLI-2017-18618.pdf
    File size: 201 KB
    Published: 2018-12-03

  • SLI Programme 2018/19

    In the context of our agreed strategic policy priorities and supporting objectives, the SLI Board has developed a suite of specific SLI Recommendations that help form the SLI Programme for 2018/19. The recommendations are based off our understanding of the data and where we need to improve, but also where we have areas of good practice that we should share with our colleagues across the North West.

    File name: SLI-Programme-2018-19.pdf
    File size: 234 KB
    Published: 2018-12-03

  • NW ADASS Making Safeguarding Personal Conference Report

    This report presents the presentations from our conference and a collection of guidance, good practice and case studies.

    File name: NW-ADASS-Safeguarding-Conference-Report.pdf
    File size: 378 KB
    Published: 2018-11-23

  • Sector Led Improvement Governance Structure

    This Governance Structure shows the reporting lines of how all the workstreams of North West ADASS fit together.

    File name: SLI-Infographic-2018.pdf
    File size: 107 KB
    Published: 2018-11-19

  • NW ADASS SLI Memorandum of Understanding - 2018

    This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been developed to assist the 23 upper tier local authorities that make up the North West Region. It includes sharing of best practice, shadowing, buddying, action learning and offers of support. The MoU has been signed off by the lead portfolio holder, chief executive and DASS for each of the 23 authorities.

    File name: North-West-ADASS-SLI-MoU-050618.pdf
    File size: 230 KB
    Published: 2018-11-19