We will develop a high-quality and caring workforce so that people will be supported and cared for in the right way by brilliant and caring people.

Future Workforceaims to ensure we have enough people working in care (paid and unpaid) who have the right skills, knowledge and values to provide the type of support people will need and want. Unpaid carers will be highly valued and supported and people will follow positive ‘asset’ based and personalised approaches to care and support.

By 2030 adult social care will be an exceptional career choice for people in the North West. Our paid workforce will be valued, well trained and have clear career paths to follow regardless of the type of service or organisation they work for made possible by end-to-end academy-style approaches to recruitment, retention and development. The idea of ‘One Workforce’ will permeate our health and care system, further blurring organisational boundaries and creating dynamic, integrated multidisciplinary and multi-organisational teams.