The social care workforce is the foundation of high-quality person-centred care.

We are proud of the work that thousands of paid and unpaid carers, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses and many other roles working in different organisations do that ensure people can live happy and healthy lives. Continuing to deliver these valuable services is challenging. Higher costs and greater need coupled with often demanding roles and a workforce which feels it is sometimes a ‘poor relation’ in health and care, means, in future, we may not have enough people working in care to meet people’s needs. The people who receive services also, rightly, demand better services to meet their needs in ways that suit them. The need to transform the way we do things has never been greater and the people who provide care and support are central to this.

At NW ADASS we want to ensure that we have a social care workforce able to meet the demands of the future, that provides good and fulfilling jobs to local communities and provides those who need support with services personalised to them and delivered by the best people. Through our Future Workforce Programme NW ADASS are working with our locality, sub regional and national partners to do this. These pages contain resources and information developed through this programme.