Welcome to the Care and Health Career Academy toolkit; this is a guide to support areas
that wish to develop their own Career Academy. Currently, Health and Social Care face a
range of issues, with workforce often seen as one of the greatest challenges that face the
sector. Whilst this is undeniable, we now have the opportunity to think about workforce
and skills differently. By working in partnership with colleges, universities, user led
organisations and providers, as well as citizens & people using services, we can pool assets,
expertise, creativity and reach, to place social care in the forefront of thinking when
individual are making decisions about their future career.

How to use this toolkit
This toolkit is structured in two distinct parts, the first is to help you explore what a Care
and Health Academy is and why you need to consider establishing one. The second looks at
the issues surrounding the ‘set up’ of a Care and Health Academy. When using this toolkit
you are invited to dip in and out of the sections that relate to the vision and work required
in your locality. For some of you this will mean focusing primarily on the first section in
order to understand what the scope of the Academy is and what it will ultimately do.
However we recommend that at some point you consider the areas identified in section 2 as
these will help with establishing strong foundations from which the Academy can grow and
become sustainable.


Caring for people is amazing. You’ll get to work with fantastic people who will teach you amazing things and change how you think about the world. Social care is all about the relationships you build. It’s like you gain an extended family. And when you’ve got those special relationships, supporting people with whatever they need just feels like you’re giving someone in your family a bit of help.

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