In July 2020, North West ADASS (NWADASS) set out to conduct a “Lessons Learned” review across the 23 North West local authorities, exploring the health and care system’s response to Covid-19 and the implications for the future direction of social care in the region (as defined in the ‘Care 2030 Strategy’). The purpose of the review was not merely to recount what happened during the first phase of the pandemic, but also to understand why it happened. In recognition that the situation with the pandemic is ever changing, it was also important to capture the lessons learned which could be incorporated into ‘real time’ responses to the current surge in cases.

Our report is based on five months work which included more than 250 hours of interviews with over 300 stakeholders from across the system and a desktop review of over 50 recent publication relating to the impact of the pandemic on the health and social care system, from thought leaders within the sector.

This report is for the whole health and care ‘system’. We are already using the findings and recommendations to inform our regional plans for transformation in social care and we hope that you and your organisation will find this research helpful too.

Our thanks to John Campbell and Pat Jones-Greenhalgh for the work done to produce this important piece of research.

NW Covid Lessons Learned Highlight Report / Slide Pack (PDF)

File name: NW-Covid-Lessons-Learned-Highlight-Report.pdf
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Published: 2020-12-14

North West Covid Lessons Learned Full Report (PDF)

File name: North-West-Covid-Lessons-Learned-Report.pdf
File size: 3.54 MB
Published: 2020-12-14