NW ADASS reviewed its role and working arrangements to include; An exciting and positive reform agenda,focusing upon integration and a care offer premised on wellbeing, prevention and the asset based approaches described within the Care Act; The need for Sector Led Improvement to meaningfully improve services, to support one another on underperformance, and provide evidence to avoid centrally imposed regulation; The development of a regional programme management capacity and provision of regional funding via DH, LGA, and some pooling by NW Directors; In comparison to other regions the NW is one of the largest, with 23 local authorities, and most diverse.

The NW ADASS Branch provides visible leadership on behalf of adult services in the North West.

  • To act as the overall Executive for use of regional funding and programme management capacity
  • Support communication across NW Directors of Adult Services
  • Support NW ADASS Policy Leads and influence national policy
  • Provide the mandate for NW groups and networks to collaborate
  • A point of engagement for engaging key partners win the region
  • A point of engagement with the national ADASS meeting and other key bodies (LGA and DH)

Governance Structure 2018