This page has been specifically designed for local authorities and partners to share their case studies and best practice.

If you have any examples of case studies and best practice that you would like including in this section please send to the Programme Office and they will add.

The programme office is also able to put you in touch with the relevant person on each of the articles if you require additional information.

  • Blackburn with Darwen : Pathway to Placement Project

    Blackburn Council's assessment of the current discharge pathway undertaken by Newton Europe for people entering short term care as a step down from acute care.

    File name: Blackburn-with-Darwen-Pathway-to-Placement-Project.pdf
    File size:
    Published: 2019-01-17

  • NW ADASS Making Safeguarding Personal Conference Report

    This report presents the presentations from our conference and a collection of guidance, good practice and case studies.

    File name: NW-ADASS-Safeguarding-Conference-Report.pdf
    File size: 378.20 KB
    Published: 2018-11-23

  • Lancashire Prison Case Study

    Using telecare to support prisoners with care needs

    File name: Lancashire-Prison-Case-Study-FINAL-.pdf
    File size: 214.47 KB
    Published: 2018-11-15

  • Trafford : Discharging of Older People from Acute Hospitals

    Trafford Council's review of home care provision with a specific focus on process and delayed transfer of care (DtoC)

    File name: Trafford-Discharging-of-older-people-from-acute-hospitals.pdf
    File size: 90.89 KB
    Published: 2018-11-14

  • Stockport : Adult Disability Services

    Stockport Council's journey looking at how services can be delivered and money can be saved, without causing additional risk to vulnerable people.

    File name: Stockport-Adult-Disability-Services.pdf
    File size: 102.57 KB
    Published: 2018-11-14

  • Rochdale : Are We Getting It Right At The Front Door

    Rochdale Adult Care  took part in the Greater Manchester Social Work Academy Teaching Partnership “HUB Model” research project which aspires to create a genuine ongoing interface linking academics to social work practice.

    File name: Rochdale-Are-We-Getting-it-Right-at-the-Front-Door.pdf
    File size: 169.34 KB
    Published: 2018-11-14

  • New Offender Asset Example

    One NW local authority agreed to share this fantastic example of how partners can work in new ways in order to support offenders. Details have been anonymised given the nature of the work.

    File name: NW-Offender-Asset-Example-final.pdf
    File size: 345.68 KB
    Published: 2018-11-14

  • Halton : Rapid Clinical Assessment Team

    Halton’s Rapid Clinical Assessment Team (RCAT) aim to support older people to remain at home during periods of acute illness, and prevent avoidable admissions to hospitals and the Accident and Emergency department.

    File name: Halton-Rapid-Clinical-Assessment-Team.pdf
    File size: 165.44 KB
    Published: 2018-11-14

  • Halton : Hospital Discharge

    Halton council's single electronic assessment approach.  This holistic and person centred approach is used across all discharge pathways to commission services including: Intermediate Care, Reablement, Care Packages, and 24hr care placements.

    File name: Halton-Hospital-Discharge.pdf
    File size: 87.83 KB
    Published: 2018-11-14