The North West ADASS IDAT Network will extend its reach beyond electronic recording, electronic reporting, electronic standards, and information sharing, and will include a broader focus on identifying opportunities for generating efficiencies through the use of technology, the broader role of assistive technology within health and social care, and opportunities for generating income and working collaboratively to pilot, and where appropriate, role out new initiatives in the field of IDAT across the sector.

The North West ADASS IDAT Network will ensure its work activity is aligned and contributing to the strategic objectives identified within the North West ADASS work plan, and those of the National ADASS Informatics Network.

The role and remit of the North West ADASS IDAT Network is to bring together a broad range of skilled, experienced, and interested parties to provide a forum to:

  • Share ideas and experience
  • Identify and promote clear guidance and good practice in health and social care informatics, as well as the positive contribution informatics, Digital and Assistive Technology makes in health and social care arenas
  • Identify gaps and inconsistencies in current guidance and practice.
  • Find ways of filling these gaps, commissioning work as necessary from others, including groups within ADASS and elsewhere.
  • Seek funding to support the piloting and evaluation of alternative interventions
  • Identify issues for debate and seek agreement on how to address issues identified through collaborative working
  • Work with other groups and initiatives to ensure common purpose and avoid duplication or inconsistency in approach/outcomes
  • Work with other NW ADASS Workstreams on programmes where informatics is an integral element or enabler
  • Contribute to the provision of regional responses to relevant consultations