The Finance and Resources Network is chaired by Leon Bergman, Strategic Finance Manager for Wigan Council. The Network forms part of the regional ADASS infrastructure and provides a forum for strategic finance leads in Adult Social Care and Health to have an opportunity to meet and discuss common issues and developments, and share information with a view to making best use of available resources.

NW ADASS Finance and Resources Strategy and/or Terms of Reference

The group meets bi-monthly and is responsible to North West ADASS, ensuring that the work undertaken by the group aligns with regional priorities and work plans.

The Network aims to:

  • cover a range of adult social care finance issues of mutual interest including relevant service development and policy implementation;
  • provide mutual support to Member Authorities and support North West ADASS on strategic financial issues, opportunities and performance aligned with the regional work plan;
  • contribute to strategic debates about the future funding of adult social care;
  • benchmark financial performance in relation to the most efficient delivery and use of resources for adult social care;
  • to help ensure awareness of key areas of financial risk and opportunities for mitigation;
  • to identify opportunities for shared learning and development across finance leads;
  • to work in partnership with other parts of the North West ADASS infrastructure on areas of shared interest;
  • The link with other relevant organisations e.g. Health to ensure a coordinated and effective response to key issues, where applicable.